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It’s Time to Celebrate National School Choice Week!

The School Choice Rally in South Carolina is Wednesday, January 24th at 11:30 am at the State House. It’s the state’s biggest celebration of the educational choices parents have available. Many local celebrations are going on all over the state and around the nation for National School Choice WeekJanuary 21-27th.

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The Homeschool Resource for South Carolina!

Christian Homeschoolers’ Association of  South Carolina is a third option accountability association that was founded in 2003 and originally operated by a Christian homeschooling family with the help of a dedicated board of volunteers.  In 2008, leadership changed hands and CHASC is now operated by Wendy Graham, one of the original board members, and a new, equally dedicated board of volunteers.

CHASC is a member of SCHEA, the South Carolina Home Educators Association, www.schea.net. SCHEA has a wealth of information for South Carolina Homeschoolers including resources and legislation pertaining to SC homeschools.

In addition, CHASC sponsors a free online support group for all homeschoolers in South Carolina, the SC Home Educators NetworkYou are invited to join today!

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