Yes, we are taking new members!  

Our Application fee is $40 per family.

CLICK HERE for New Membership Application in PDF!

To apply:

  1. Download the Application form*.
  2. Complete the Application and send it to us with the $40 application/membership fee** You have three options:
    1. You can mail the application to:
      PO Box 51386
      Summerville, SC 29485-1386
    2. You can fax the application to us at (843) 638-8890
    3. You can scan and email the completed form to ChristianHomeschoolersAssoc@gmail.com. Please do NOT use photographs. They cannot be printed properly for our records.
  3. Receive Email Confirmation of Approval for Membership with your membership letter.

* Our form is long so it can include all the information you need so you will know exactly what is expected of you. All of our requirements are based on the law.

**Checks will not be cashed until membership is approved, but membership will not be approved without payment. If you wish to pay via Paypal, you can use the button below or you can do so through your account if you click Pay for Goods and Services and use our email address: ChristianHomeschoolersAssoc@gmail.com. You can also request an invoice from our PayPal account to your email address.

You can use the button below to pay using PayPal or you can mail a check or money order with your completed form. You may also email or fax the form. Please scan the form. Photographs do not work!



All degree-seeking high school students will be ranked at the end of the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades. All forms can be downloaded from the Members page. Forms are due May 31 each school year for ranking purposes. If you have problems or questions, call us and we will help. You may have to leave a message because the phones are very busy this time of year! 



Compliance forms for the 2016 – 2017 school year were due by May 31. Don’t delay! File your form now. You will find the forms on the drop-down menu under the Member Login tab.  If you have problems logging in, contact the webmaster at christianhomeschoolasc@gmail.com using “Website Issues” in the subject line.

There is a separate Renewal form again this year. You can file the Renewal anytime after you file the Extension or Compliance form. You can pay the renewal fee by check, money order or by using the PayPal button below. Please include your member number with your payment by writing it on your check or money order, or putting it in the notes to seller when you use PayPal.

July 1 to September 30


The Homeschool Resource for South Carolina!

Christian Homeschoolers’ Association of  South Carolina is a third option accountability association that was founded in 2003 and originally operated by a Christian homeschooling family with the help of a dedicated board of volunteers.  In 2008, leadership changed hands and CHASC is now operated by Wendy Graham, one of the original board members, and a new, equally dedicated board of volunteers.

CHASC is a member of SCHEA, the South Carolina Home Educators Association, www.schea.net. SCHEA has a wealth of information for South Carolina Homeschoolers including resources and legislation pertaining to SC homeschools.

In addition, CHASC sponsors a free online support group for all homeschoolers in South Carolina, the SC Home Educators NetworkYou are invited to join today!

You can  subscribe by clicking the links above or by sending an email to the following addresses: