About Us

Christian Homeschoolers’ Association of South Carolina, CHASC, is a Christian Association.  No Statement of Faith or religious information is required of our members.  However, our board members are Christians and we operate under Christian principles. Prayer and scripture may be included in our emails, workshops, and ceremonies.

We are a third-option homeschool accountability group operating under section 59-65-47 of the South Carolina code of laws and regulations for homeschooling. The association was initially formed in 2003 and continues to provide accountability for families throughout South Carolina. The director is Wendy Graham. She is supported by a board consisting of Lisa Nichols, Assistant Director, Donna Autry, Treasurer, Lisa Arnold, Webmaster, and Staci Chronister, Board Member at Large.

We are all experienced homeschool moms, not legal or educational experts. Information and guidance are provided as support and not to be taken as expert advice. CHASC will provide the accountability required under the law and will not ask more than is required by the law. We do recommend that members find a support group as well to enhance their homeschool journey.

Because section 59-65-47 does not require standardized testing, nor establish a set length of the school day, members are free to choose what is best for their family.  We are here to provide the legal accountability as well as any support we can, but we will not intrude or dictate the individual details that make each family’s homeschool program right for their children.

CHASC does not provide any curriculum and parents are responsible for keeping all records as required by the law.

We have a newly updated Handbook for all members to help guide them through the homeschool process and explain the law and the policies of our association.

An outline of our Policies and Expectations is also available.

The only forms that all members must submit to CHASC are the Yearly Compliance and Renewal forms.  Both forms are now submitted online through the Members’ Section of the website. The Compliance form must be filed between May 1st and May 31st each school year. The Renewal form can be filed any time after the Compliance form is filed. An optional Extension form can be filed by members who have not completed 180 instructional days by May 31st. If used, it must be filed on or before May 31st. The Compliance form must still be filed as soon as the family completes their instructional days.

We now offer class ranking for all of our degree-seeking high school students. In addition to providing class rank, this service helps high school parents stay organized and facilitates record-keeping and transcript creation.

We provide several transcript templates for all grade levels for our members to use as well as a transcript service for those parents who need assistance creating professional transcripts that will be accepted by public or private schools, employers, the military, and colleges.

In addition to this web page, members are encouraged to join the newsletter group where updates and reminders will be sent out when needed to help keep members informed of all that is going on in CHASC and any important information concerning SC homeschool laws.

We assure you that ALL names, addresses, phone numbers and other membership information remain confidential; we do not sell, rent, or share our member mailing list. Additionally, all Board members sign a statement of confidentiality before serving.

Because CHASC is a member of the South Carolina Home Educators’ Association, members can and are encouraged to join SCHEA for $15 per year.

We are also a Home School Legal Defense Association discount group so CHASC members save 17% on the annual membership fee, paying $100 instead of $120.



New member    $40 per family

Early Renewal           $25 per family if paid by June 30

Standard Renewal    $30 per family from July 1 to September 30

Late Renewal      $40 per family from October 1 to the end of the school year

Information and payment options for renewal for current members of CHASC are in the Members’ section.