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All degree-seeking high school students will be ranked at the end of the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. You can use one of the transcript templates below to submit your student’s information and get a headstart on transcripts. Forms are due May 31 each school year for ranking purposes. Senior students who need transcripts must file their forms by May 15th at the latest. Students who do not send in their information will be assigned a 2.0 and ranked accordingly on their official transcript. Student information must be submitted at least 10 business days before official transcripts are needed. Final official transcripts will not be available before June 15th. If you have problems or questions, call us and we will help. You may have to leave a message because the phones are very busy this time of year!

TRANSCRIPT TEMPLATES can be obtained by clicking on the links below

Official Standard Template

Official List Template

Official Subject Template

For the instructions on how to fill out the high school transcripts, click HERE

You can click HERE for a  Course Description form you may use. A course description for all honors-level courses must be submitted for approval on or before October 1st before the class is taken. Please be sure to check the CHASC Honors Policy and Honors Checklist for more information.

For ranking purposes, you only need to complete the student name and course information (title, level, credits, and numerical score) on one of the transcript templates and send the form attached to an email. We will calculate GPA. Please be sure to include the student’s grade level in your email if you do not use the Standard form.  You may also use the Transcript Information Form to submit your student’s information. 
Rank will be reported on the student’s final official transcript from the Association (signed by us) used to confirm ranking as required. All students who wish to receive HOPE, LIFE or Palmetto Fellows Scholarships must have a final official transcript that includes class rank signed by the parents and association and sent from the association. 

Report Card templates for Elementary and Middle School can be obtained by clicking on the links below.

Simple Elementary RC




There are many formats and templates for transcripts and report cards online if you search for them.


Transcript Fees


You can now pay for your renewal to CHASC online when you complete your renewal form! Just use the PayPal button below.

On or after October 1


The CHASC membership year runs from June 1 to May 31 of each school year.  Membership will expire on May 31.

Completion forms must be filed online between May 1 and May 31 by all members.

All members must file a Completion form for the school year which has just ended, even if they are not renewing for the upcoming year for any reason.  This form is required for you to be compliant with SC Homeschool Law and not filing the form will make you susceptible to truancy or educational neglect charges from the public school district.  This is especially troublesome for senior high school students. Students who graduate will not be in compliance or receive any supporting letters of membership without this last filing.  This could put job and college applications and scholarships in danger, so please do not forget to file!

For graduating seniors who will be attending college, all forms must be filed by May 15 at the very latest. Some colleges may have earlier deadlines for paperwork and transcripts, so be sure to stay in touch with your college and find out all dates and deadlines as soon as possible. Due to the Commission on Higher Education deadlines for scholarships, seniors who may qualify for HOPE, LIFE, or Palmetto Fellows Scholarships must file their course and grade information or sign a waiver/declination form stating you do not wish to apply for these scholarships now or in the future. Seniors who miss the May 15 filing deadline will not qualify and must sign the declination form. All transcripts for students who may qualify for HOPE, LIFE, or Palmetto Fellows must include class rank and be signed and sent by the association.  Parent signatures are required on all transcripts so plan in advance to be sure your transcript is received in time.

A grace period of three business days may be applied by CHASC for filing forms, however, this is not true of colleges or the Commission of Higher Education, so even if your membership is deemed compliant, you may fail to receive scholarship funds by missing this date if you have a graduating senior. There can be NO grace period applied to the May 15 deadline for graduating seniors.

Any changes in contact information or student status must be reported within 3 business days from the date of the changes.  This is done by sending an email noting the change to the CHASC email address: