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Transcript templates can be obtained by clicking on the links below

Official Standard Template

Official List Template

Official Subject Template

For the instructions on how to fill out the high school transcripts, click HERE

You can click HERE for a Course Description form you may want to use. A course description for all honors-level courses must be submitted for approval on or before October 1st before the class is taken.

For ranking purposes, you only need to complete the student name and course information (title, level, credits, and numerical score) on one of the transcript templates and send the form attached to an email. We will calculate GPA. Please be sure to give the student’s grade level in your email if you do not use the Standard form.  
Rank will only be reported on the student’s final official transcript from the Association (signed by us) used to confirm ranking as required. 

Report Card templates for Elementary and Middle School can be obtained by clicking on the links below.

Simple Elementary RC




There are many formats and templates for transcripts and report cards online if you search for them.


Transcript Fees

July 1 to September 30