Transcript Service

Parent-generated transcripts are legal in South Carolina. Our members are free to use the transcript templates available on the Members’ page or in the Newsletter files to create your own transcript.

CHASC offers a transcript service for those who need help in creating professional transcripts for work or college applications or for their final school records.

The current fee for our transcript service is $10 per school year.

Transcripts can be created for all grade levels: elementary, middle, and high school.

Ideally, the high school transcript will be created in the 9th-grade year and then updated each school year.

If you are not a CHASC member, you may still use our transcript services. Class rank will not be included and we cannot issue an official signed transcript from our association. Your association leader is the only one who can assign class rank and sign the transcripts if necessary. Not all associations rank students so if this is important to you, please check before you sign up with an association.

Please use this Transcript Information Form to send required information when requesting a transcript.

Transcript workshops will also be offered through the school year. Please watch our Facebook Page and website for more information on workshops.

Transcript Fees